Happy Sunday!

Updates: Cowabandon will be released as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon November-ish. A publisher is releasing ALL of them (Cowgirl Up, Cowbabies, and Cowabandon books plus Christmas story) in HARDBACK in December!

I’m working on updating the website but if you missed anything, all the old stuff is still there. Cowgirlupcom.wordpress.com.

This seems to be working again. Welcome back! I do have some new stories brewing and I’ve got a lot of work to do on this site. But in the meantime, here’s a little snippet from Chase and Annie:

“Why do you always show up when I fall?” Annie attempted to stand while brushing at the mud and sawdust caking her jeans.

“Cause women like you need a man like me to show you that you don’t have to do everything on your own.”

“You goin’ all Alpha on me now?” Annie sputtered.

“Yes and what’s more, I’m YOUR Alpha.” Chase reached one giant forearm down to lift Annie to her feet.

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Annie three out as a challenge.

“You are. One way or another.”

Chase slipped his arm around Annie’s waist and handily leveraged her up over his mammoth shoulder. As he headed toward his truck with Annie demanding to be put down from behind him, he spotted Young.

“Hey, Man,” Young grinned. “You found her. Hey, Annie.” Young leaned around Chase to tip his hat toward Annie’s flushed face.

“Y’all leavin’?” Young amicably tossed Annie’s hat up to her.

“NO!” Annie bellowed backwards.

“Yes.” Chase never slowed his stride to the pickup. “You can ride up front or I can harness you in the trailer. Your choice.”

May 17, 2020

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weather is as nice as mine. Warm sunbeam, breeze through the pines, gorgeous day!

I wanted to update you on the final edit and publication of Cowabandon and to let you know what I’m not working on 🤣. The publisher, of course, has been shut down for CoVid reasons and since this one is the first, and last, to be coming in print, I’m stuck. Contractually I can’t go ahead and release an ebook version, so we wait.

And that’s okay for several reasons. At the publisher’s suggestion I submitted my books to a professional writers panel for their review. They were not complimentary. Unfortunately, I agree with them. My books are not well written. I carefully considered each of their critiques and found them all to be accurate. I read A LOT. I know good writing when I read it and mine comes nowhere close in comparison.

I was favorably mentioned in dialogue, character relation, even storyline. I received very low scores in development, description, continuity – the things that “flesh” a book out. I write the basic story and my characters are likable enough, but the books are skeletons.

Their overall take on my writing career is that I “ghost” write for seasoned authors, i.e. make storyline suggestions, write scenes and dialogue – maybe even the occasional short story, but not books of my own.

I’ve been pondering this for weeks. I reread my books and I agree with the experts. I’m not sure where or if I’ll go from here. I’ve enjoyed living in fictional Evansville and I like the people. I might continue on with a short story here every so often.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at and as always, I appreciate how supportive you’ve been. Like with CoVid, we’ll just have to see where the future takes us.

Peace and love, MCC

Cowabandon Coming Soon

Cowabandon is in final edit and will be available soon in paperback AND as an ebook.

Teasers? Well let’s see. John Jr.’s widow and young son are in town and Luther seems to be getting pretty chummy. Pastor Tim meets and marries Miss Jane. Katie gives birth to Paul Anderson Price. The impending wedding of the century of Young and Lacey hits a few roadblocks. Outlaw Annie is working at the children’s ranch. Haruto the Bull is in the middle of an international smuggling ring with Ophelia Evans pulling some strings and Deputy Carl is laid up with a broken leg. Who’s got Truett’s back? Hmm…sounds pretty good.

March 20, 2020


I hope all of you are managing the difficulties of these challenging days well. I pray you are healthy and safe.

This is a great time to be a writer! I’m working on Cowabandon and as it is in its’ fifth incarnation, it’s coming along well. I’m happy I haven’t rushed to publish. Most writers produce one maybe two books a year. I published three in four months and numerous short stories, so I’m not apologizing that this is taking awhile.

When Cowabandon is published it will be in print and ebook formats. It will be the next book in the series BUT it will also bring readers up to date with the various characters and storylines in the previous books. This is because it is just too cost prohibitive for me to republish the earlier books in print. IF you would like a printed version of Cowgirl Up, Cowbabies or the Christmas Story, we can provide ones we’ve printed ourselves and they will soon be available in Lacey’s Gift Shop here.

Lacey’s Gift Shop is our next big project. Melody has been diligently gathering and making Cowgirl (and Cowboy!) merchandise to stock the online store and it will be available whenever we have a book signing or booth at a craft or publishing show.

Stay safe. Stay home. And Read.

God bless you and yours,


March 7, 2020


I’m sure you’re feeling neglected but I haven’t totally abandoned the good friends of Evansville, Texas. There is a new update to Bullnapped today and a new recipe at the diner.

I’m committed to the LAST (oh please let it be the last) rewrite of Cowabandon and God-willing I’ll get it on Amazon by the end of the month.

I’m struggling with formats and templates converting the ebooks that are already published into paperbacks. Cowabandon will be released in both ebook and print media from the very beginning. Live and learn!

We are still working on stocking Lacey’s store with Cowgirl Up merchandise but it’s coming and we will also have a booth at some upcoming trade shows, so marketing is moving forward.

As always your reviews, shares and recommendations are the best advertising possible. Thank you so much for your loyalty to these stories and characters!

Until next time,

MC ❤️🙏🏻😊

February 21, 2020

Good Morning!

As promised last week, I’ve posted an installment to “Bullnapped.” It’s gettin’ good now! 😊

I’m still tweaking “Cowabandon” but am hopeful for a special release of it in conjunction with a print edition combining all the stories to date in one volume. I hope March, but we’ll see.

Until then, installments will be here and a new feature of the website will be introduced next week.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness!