January 28, 2020

Hello! I know you are waiting for some story updates and I apologize. I’m trying to wrap up some other writing projects and I just can’t swap into these characters right now. That’s a GOOD thing! If you know me well, a few less voices in my head is a Godsend! 🤣

I have a short story entry that I’m finalizing for a contest and it’s been a few years since I’ve competed. Totally different story than Cowgirl Up and a different format. Let’s see if I can still stretch creatively. 🤞

Cowabandon will be coming out sometime before March and I’m trying to get materials ready to do some appearances and put a booth together for some shows.

So I’m not just resting on my laurels but I am neglecting Bullnapped right now. I think maybe Outlaw Annie came to an ending and I haven’t heard anything from anyone about continuing that storyline.

I hope you are continuing to check in at the church for some daily encouragement and I’ll post a recipe at the diner soon.

Thank you for your patience as always!


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