January 29, 2020

Good Morning! There is a new recipe posted at the diner, a hearty Turkey Taco Soup for these lingering winter nights. Super quick, easy and tasty!

Thank you for understanding I need a little time away from Cowgirl Up to finish another project. In the meantime, while searching for a small rocker for my little trailer, I ran across this hysterical review of a product on Amazon and thought you might enjoy someone else’s writing for a change! 🤣

Wanna ruin your Sunday?

….and possibly your marriage? First of all, let me say that this chair is super rad once it’s assembled. Sturdy, good looking, comfortable. It fits all your chair needs….HOWEVER. ..Jesus Christ Himself would struggle with the assembly of this beast.

After reading the reviews, my husband and I knew we were in for a challenge but decided we were capable adults and between the two of us, we could put together a chair… Incorrect.

A bit of advice? The instructions. Throw them away immediately. Also find a friend with tiny, elf like fingers. This will be extremely helpful when tightening the bolts. Also, keep this elf person on hand for when it comes time to remove the number stickers from the wood which have been attached with an adhesive that NASA likely invented to glue together spacecrafts.

We found it helpful to refer to the picture of the assembled chair rather than use the instructions provided…they were so confusing that a few times I asked my husband if he thought it was possible that the company had put the instructions for a different product in our box by mistake. ..nope…there at the bottom of what may have well been the map of the human genome was the effing star rocking chair. All assembled and looking smug.

Finally, when the sun is setting and you have ordered two chairs but only got one assembled, it’s important to take turns with your spouse enjoying your chair. For instance, one person can sit on a towel by the chair and look up and ask “how is it up there?” I found 15 minute intervals of chair time was fair.

I’ll let you know if our marriage survived the assembly of chair #2.

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