March 20, 2020


I hope all of you are managing the difficulties of these challenging days well. I pray you are healthy and safe.

This is a great time to be a writer! I’m working on Cowabandon and as it is in its’ fifth incarnation, it’s coming along well. I’m happy I haven’t rushed to publish. Most writers produce one maybe two books a year. I published three in four months and numerous short stories, so I’m not apologizing that this is taking awhile.

When Cowabandon is published it will be in print and ebook formats. It will be the next book in the series BUT it will also bring readers up to date with the various characters and storylines in the previous books. This is because it is just too cost prohibitive for me to republish the earlier books in print. IF you would like a printed version of Cowgirl Up, Cowbabies or the Christmas Story, we can provide ones we’ve printed ourselves and they will soon be available in Lacey’s Gift Shop here.

Lacey’s Gift Shop is our next big project. Melody has been diligently gathering and making Cowgirl (and Cowboy!) merchandise to stock the online store and it will be available whenever we have a book signing or booth at a craft or publishing show.

Stay safe. Stay home. And Read.

God bless you and yours,


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