May 17, 2020

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weather is as nice as mine. Warm sunbeam, breeze through the pines, gorgeous day!

I wanted to update you on the final edit and publication of Cowabandon and to let you know what I’m not working on 🤣. The publisher, of course, has been shut down for CoVid reasons and since this one is the first, and last, to be coming in print, I’m stuck. Contractually I can’t go ahead and release an ebook version, so we wait.

And that’s okay for several reasons. At the publisher’s suggestion I submitted my books to a professional writers panel for their review. They were not complimentary. Unfortunately, I agree with them. My books are not well written. I carefully considered each of their critiques and found them all to be accurate. I read A LOT. I know good writing when I read it and mine comes nowhere close in comparison.

I was favorably mentioned in dialogue, character relation, even storyline. I received very low scores in development, description, continuity – the things that “flesh” a book out. I write the basic story and my characters are likable enough, but the books are skeletons.

Their overall take on my writing career is that I “ghost” write for seasoned authors, i.e. make storyline suggestions, write scenes and dialogue – maybe even the occasional short story, but not books of my own.

I’ve been pondering this for weeks. I reread my books and I agree with the experts. I’m not sure where or if I’ll go from here. I’ve enjoyed living in fictional Evansville and I like the people. I might continue on with a short story here every so often.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at and as always, I appreciate how supportive you’ve been. Like with CoVid, we’ll just have to see where the future takes us.

Peace and love, MCC

3 thoughts on “May 17, 2020

  1. Aww, I hate this, but I do understand. I, too, read a lot and like to get lost in the story with the characters, setting, conflicts, etc. I liked these people, but I know you will find the right avenue for you. Love you!


  2. Your stories have me wishing I lived in Evansville and they were my neighbors and friends. I also read alot and found your writing very good, better than some authors I regularly read. I know you will find your path and I hope you continue to write. I have enjoyed all of your stories and hope to continue to do so!! Criticism can be hard to hear but it can also be good. Take their notes and learn. You are a wonderful storyteller, keep it up!! Please!!! Love you!! Hugs!!💖💖💖
    (As you can tell I’m not a writer but I know what I like to read!! I’ve been waiting for the next installment since I finished reading the last one!)


  3. This makes me sad . I have enjoyed the stories and the characters and will miss them. I know you will be back Cathy you will persevere.


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