Bullnapped Update – May 1, 2020

How about a treat? I don’t think this will ruin anything for anyone. Cowabandon is coming!


Truett was pretty sure Carl was unconscious at the other end of the barn. It looked like a bad fall and Carl hadn’t moved since. Hopefully just knocked the wind out of him. Even in midair, Carl had gotten off a shot and brought Juan down. Now for Tito.

“Eh, you ain’t so tough now, Sheriff. Just me an you. An I got a gun. Whatchu got left?”

“How ‘bout you drop that gun and let’s see who’s the better man, Tito? Me? I think I can take you.”

“You think so? Why take the chance? I jus’ shoot you and it’s over.”

“Oh, it won’t be over, Tito. My men’ll chase you all the way back to Hell. And that’s if my wife don’t carve you up first for messin’ with her bull.”

While keeping the man talking, Truett had maneuvered his body backwards and sideways to keep Tito facing him and turned away from the rear barn door. Tito hadn’t noticed the brief slice of daylight as Kate slipped in the slight opening next to Carl’s prone body.

Katie was in place, right arm lifted ready to let her knife fly when at the moment for release, Haruto bolted from his stall and head-butted Tito in the rear end. Tito sprawled forward landing facedown in the sawdust, dropping his gun in the fall. As Truett rushed forward, Haruto stepped up on the fallen man pinning Tito to the barn floor, shaking his head and making the bell around his neck ring. Truett would swear later that Harry was smiling.

Katie stooped down and quickly checked that Carl had a pulse and was breathing.

“He’s good. Call 911. Mac is right behind me and Young has Ophelia locked in a closet by the Judge’s platform. This one’s gone,” Kate nodded as she checked Juan.

“What a team, hey Buddy?” Truett was rubbing Harry’s head between his ears. “We didn’t need your Mom, did we? No, you had this all along didn’t you, big guy.”

“So, I’m late to the party?” Mac asked quietly from the main barn door.

“As always, Mac. And Carl’s sleepin’ on the job. We need a bus and the coroner, Undersheriff. Call it in. I’ll cuff this one.”